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Ultra Shock 900G Non Chlorine Oxidizer

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ULTRA SHOCK™ is an effective quick dissolving non-chlorine oxidizer that is optimal when utilized with BROMO DISCS™ or BROMO BLAST™ to restore water clarity, and control bacteria and algae in hot tub waters by renewing available sanitizer.

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Ultra Shock 900G Non Chlorine Oxidizer
$ 35 99
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Bromine in stock
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    Beachcomber ULTRA SHOCK is a highly soluble, finely ground granular, 100% non-chlorine oxidizing product that contains Potassium monopersulfate. This oxidizer works in conjunction with a sanitizing product such as BROMO DISCS or BROMO BLAST. Together these products will control bacteria, algae, viruses, and pathogens in hot tub water.


    - Add 125 g of UltraShock per 1000L of hot tub water to release bromine sanitizer

    - Maintain water circulation at least 30 minutes before using

    - Test your water and maintain the proper Bromine level by adding 30 g of Ultra Shock per 1000L of hot tub water, daily or as needed.