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Ozone Universal Kit

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$ 199 99
UV & Ozone


Fits all Beachcomber hot tubs, and up to 750 gallon (2,839 Litre) tubs. If you are purchasing this item for the first time for an Ozone Ready tub, you will also need the Ozone Injector Kit, SKU 3000635. Ozonator – Universal (dual), 60Hz.

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Ozone Universal Kit
$ 199 99
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UV & Ozone

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    An Ozone Generator creates a powerful gas that oxidizes organic contaminants in hot tub water. Ozone has the ability to clarify hot tub water by ‘burning up’ organic matter, making the sanitizer of choice more effective. An Ozone System can reduce the use of other water care products, by removing these organic contaminants and improving water quality. An Ozone System can extend the life of the hot tub equipment by helping to prevent the formation of Calcium Scale.

    • 5 year ozone cell life expectancy
    • Auto Voltage Sensing
    • High consistent ozone output
    • Ozone LED Indicator Light
    • Advanced Plasma Gap cell technology
    • .025 mg/hr ozone output at rated flow
    • Ozonator only, does not included check valve or any hose