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Microfilter Kit

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$ 80 00
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Microfilter Kit
$ 80 00
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Cleansers sold out
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Preserve your clean & clear water with Beachcomber's Microfilter Kit! Our Beachcomber's Microfilter Kit contains a microfilter and everything you need to keep your microfilter clean for a better filtration performance and water clarity. 

Kit includes :

- 1 bottle of Filter Cure (1 liter) : an acidic based microfilter cleaner, removes Calcium buildup, or any other mineral deposits.
- 1 bottle of Filter Pure (1 liter) : an alkaline based microfilter cleaner, removes grease, oils and other bather waste. 
- 1 Filter Cleaning Canister : makes cleaning your filter easy, designed for filter to fit inside. 
- 1 25 Sq/Ft Microfilter Cartridge (for all hot tubs from 1996 to present)
- 1 package of Filter Savers (5 packs) : traps debris before it enters the microfilter or heater.