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Heavenly Delight - Citrus Fragrance

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$ 17 49
Aromatherapy in stock


Part of Beachcomber’s Signature Scentsation line-up, Heavenly Delight brings forward a welcoming citrus elixir to enhance your hot tub soaking experience with a natural fragrance that is pH neutral and will not affect water balance.

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Heavenly Delight - Citrus Fragrance
$ 17 49
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Aromatherapy in stock
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    Heavenly Delight is a hot tub fragrance that enhances the hot tub soaking experience with pleasing natural fragrances. These botanical water essences are derived from natural sources, they are pH neutral, and do not affect water balance. Aromatics have been well known through the centuries to soothe the soul and bring back powerful memories. Aromas can bring feelings of peace and well-being, and will promote relaxation and the feeling of pleasure in a Beachcomber Hot Tub.