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Quartz Thimble Tube Cleartech UV-PP1

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$ 39 99
UV Parts in stock


The UV Quartz Thimble Tube is a replacement Part for ClearTech UV PP-1 Water Care Unit. -serial hot tubs number starting by R, S, T, U (Nov 2014 to present).

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Quartz Thimble Tube Cleartech UV-PP1
$ 39 99
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UV Parts in stock
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    The ClearTech UVC system is a water sanitizing system specifically engineered for Beachcomber Hot Tubs.  By harnessing the natural properties of the sun’s UV-C light, The ClearTech UVC unit operates 24/7 and produces a blue glow that alters bacteria leaving it harmless. It’s an additional layer of water treatment for your Beachcomber hot tub. ClearTech UVC can reduce your sanitizer consumption by 50 – 70%. It’s environmentally friendly and produces NO chemicals or harmful by-products. 


    1. View your hot tub from the front side, where the pump and equipment hook-ups are located.
    2. On the bottom left or right-side corner you should find an identification plate with your serial number. 
      Record the first letter as this will determine which replacement parts are compatible with your model.