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ClearTech Blu UVC Sterilization System

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ClearTech BLU™ utilizes UVC light to sterilize 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your hot tub water, leaving you with clean, beautiful, and healthy water.

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ClearTech Blu UVC Sterilization System
$ 1,099 00
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    Inspired by the sun, Beachcomber's ClearTech BLU™ UVC Sterilization System™ harnesses the cleansing power of the sun. It utilizes the same powerful UV technology that is found in water treatment plants responsible for supplying water to households across North America, hospital settings used by doctors and hospital staff, and food preparations facilities.

    It is non-corrosive, does not require additives, or additional testing and will never lead to over-chlorination, bleached covers or overwhelming chemical smells. Beachcomber’s ClearTech BLU is the natural choice for maintaining clean and clear water; it is silent and efficient with low maintenance, with no chemical byproducts.

    How it works

    When the water is exposed to the special blue UVC light, it oxidizes inorganic compounds and reduces chlorine/bromine consumption. It lowers overall Total dissolved solids (TDS) which is a reference for high-quality water, by reducing the amount of chlorine/bromine added to a hot tub.

    Step 1

    The water is pulled through the Microfilter, which removes dirt and debris.

    Step 2

    The Hush Pump silently and efficiently circulates and heats the water.

    Step 3

    The water is exposed and sterilized using the powerful ultra-violet UVC lamp of Cleartech BLU.

    Step 4

    The sterilized water is then returned to the hot tub and the process continues 24/7.