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Beachcomber 360 AE Hybrid4

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The Beachcomber 360 Anniversary Edition Hybrid4 embodies a blend of innovative design and family-centric comfort. This model features 7 spacious seats, including 6 active seats and a unique cooling seat, ensuring everyone finds their perfect spot for relaxation!

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Beachcomber 360 AE Hybrid4
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Product Details

  • + - Description

    The Blade Waterfall feature creates a serene environment, mimicking the soothing sounds of a gently flowing stream. The Quintessential Surround System (QSS) elevates the hot tub into an acoustic haven, with 2 audio transducers that bring your favourite playlists to life, offering an unmatched auditory experience.

    Control and convenience are seamlessly integrated through the EasyTouch™ Smart Control, a state-of-the-art touchscreen panel that, together with the SST-50 management system, offers intuitive control over your hot tub's features. The Britewerx II design presents an evolution in hydrotherapy massage, offering a sleeker look and an enhanced massage experience.

    The Beachcomber 360 AE Hybrid4 is equipped with ClearTech Ready technology and the Reflex Foot Massage™ for an unparalleled relaxation experience. It is also supported by the convenience of the BIC-e Mobile App and the aesthetic appeal of the New Moonstone Acrylic.

    Engineered with Beachcomber's patented Cab Forward Engineered Pak System, this model ensures easy maintenance access and optimal energy savings without compromising on performance. The Eco4Wall™ 100% Cavity Filled Insulation Upgrade encapsulates the entire cavity for unmatched energy efficiency, while the All-Weather Safeaxiss™ Steps provide safe, easy access into the hot tub.

    The Hush Pump System™, working in harmony with the Energy Saver Management System and Microfilter™, maintains the water's clarity and temperature with minimal noise, ensuring your peace and relaxation remain undisturbed.

    Beachcomber’s Free 100-Day In-Home Trial and exclusive Guarantee, alongside the UL Certified Heatshield™ Cover and the Perma-Seal™ Foundation, highlight the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction and product durability.

  • + - Anniversary Edition Options Included
    Blade Waterfall Featuring a continuous blade of water to provide the gentle relaxing sound of softly running water that invokes the natural essential element of life.
    Quintessential Surround System The QSS transforms the hot tub into your very own acoustic sound studio boasting 2 audio transducers to amplify your favourite playlists and deliver a phenomenal sound experience like no other.
    EasyTouch™ Smart Control The EasyTouch 1000 is the new state-of-the-art touchscreen control panel, powered by the SST-50 management system for the ultimate hot tub experience.
    Britewerx II An evolution of design with a sleeker look. Britewerx™ II elevates your experience with an improved invigorating massage. 
    BIC-E Mobile app and Wireless Control Control your beachcomber hot tub from anywhere with this ultimate mobile technology
    Beachcomber Enhanced Features Clear Tech Ready, Reflex Foot Massage and New Moonstone Acrylic
    Cab Forward Engineered Pak System Patented design and technology exterior of the hot tub in its cab forward construction, provides easy access for maintenance and maximum energy savings. The hydrodynamics in design reduces horsepower without sacrificing performance, optimizing the energy efficiency of the Eco4Wall™ insulation.
    Eco4Wall™ 100% Cavity Filled Insulation Upgrade Our 100% Cavity Filled Foam Insulation system seals the entire hot tub cavity for unparalleled energy efficiency.
    All-Weather Safeaxiss™ Steps Made with non-slip surfacing, the Safeaxiss™ Steps allow the user to access the hot tub from any angle with ease, while multiple tiers provide easy entry and exit. The steps are also insulated, and serve as a protective cover for the Energy Saver Management System.
    Hush Pump System™ Beachcomber's Hush Pump System™, quietly working in conjunction with our Energy Saver Management System and Microfilter™, effortlessly heats and cleans your hot tub water keeping it fresh and clear.
    Beachcomber's Free 100-Day In-Home Trial Experience your 100-Day free in-home vacation today. We are happy, only when you’re 100% happy!
    Beachcomber Guarantee Peace of mind that your new hot tub will perform as promised is backed by an industry exclusive Guarantee, and not a Limited Warranty!
    Ul Certified Heatshield™ Cover The Heatshield™ Cover creates a vacuum seal around the entire perimeter of the hot tub lip to prevent heat loss.
    Flexjet™ Customization Pick the interchangeable Flexjet™ inserts that target your desired key muscle groups for personalized therapeutic massage, and help relieve muscle aches and pains.
    All-Motion Hydrotherapy Full body coverage delivering pressurized streams that pulsate, oscillate and knead, with the fusion of injected air and water to actively massage targeted areas for pain relief and relaxation.
    Body Contoured Ergonomic Design Hand-sculpted, ergonomically designed seating to support the contours of your body for comfort and relaxation.
    All-Active Seating All hot tub hydro-massage seats operate at the same time with the press of a single button, allowing for a shared hydrotherapy
    Everlite™ Led Mood Lighting Set the mood with any color of your choice with this custom made, hyper-efficient LED light, costing just pennies a year to light your hot tub.
    Perma-Seal™ Foundation The full thermoplastics foundation encapsulating the bottom of the hot tub seals out ground elements like water, moisture and air, and prevents critter penetration.
  • + - Specifications
    Seating Capacity 7
    Dimensions 80 x 88 x 38” / 203 x 224 x 97cm
    FlexJets 100
    Electrical 240 Volt; 40 Amp, 8/3 Wire
    Dry Weight 650 lbs / 295 kgs
    Filled Weight 3528 lbs / 1601 kgs
    Water Capacity 345 US gallons / 1306 litres
    Heater 5.5KW (5500 W) Heater Element
    Massage Pumps 3.5 HP Massage Pump
    Circulation Pump Standard, Hush Pump Circulation System
    Heatsheild Cover 4" - 3" Tapered Design With 26 oz. Marine Grade Vinyl