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Microfilter Cartridge 50 Sq/Ft

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$ 41 19


The Beachcomber Microfilter is a critical component to keeping your hot tub water clean and clear. Hidden out of the way in a dedicated and isolated reservoir microfilters work silently to remove and filter out impurities from the water and protect the pumping equipment 24/7.

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Microfilter Cartridge 50 Sq/Ft
$ 41 19
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  • + - Description 

    Beachcomber’s 50 square foot microfilter offers double the amount of filtration medium over the 25 square foot model. This upgraded Beachcomber Microfilter has the ability to strain the water at a much finer rate.

    With just a little maintenance through regular rinsing and soaking in Filter Soak, a microfilter can last for years. This fabric pleating system is designed with a very tight fit to strain out miniscule impurities for very effective filtration. It is recommended that you always maintain 2 microfilters, one to be cleaned and one ready to use.

    For Beachcomber Hot Tubs from 1995 to present.

  • + - Specifications
    Branding Beachcomber branded individually labeled units
    Total Medium Fully flattened fiber fins totals 50 square feet
    Microfilter Diameter Width of round opening: 4 15/16 inches / 12.5 cm
    Microfilter Core Diameter of inside tube opening: 2 1/8 inches / 5.4 cm
    Microfilter Height 13 15/16 inches / 35.4 cm
    Pleat Design 3 ounce fiber with a 212 pleat count
    Construction Reinforced core with glued private branded middle support band
    Approvals Beachcomber embossed top and bottom, NSF approved
    Compatibility Approved for use in Beachcomber hot tubs manufactured from 1995 to current
    Identification Stock number embossed for easy ordering