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Robyn Chubey

, MB

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Troy Engstrom

Fitness Experience
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Robyn | Tub Partnership Proposal

Beachcomber 720 AE Hybrid4

The Beachcomber 720 Anniversary Edition Hybrid4 hot tub is designed to accommodate up to 7 individuals, with 6 active seats and a singular cooling seat, ensuring every user finds their perfect spot to relax. Featuring the Ecstaseat, Swivel seat, targeted massagers and the Quad Reflex Foot Massage, the 720 AE is unrivaled in delivering a comprehensive hydrotherapeutic experience that caters to every inch of your body.

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Care Free Tote

Beachcomber’s Care Free Water Care program has been engineered to create an extraordinary experience every time you step into your hot tub.

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Slide N Store Extreme Cover Lifter

SLIDE ‘N’ STORE™ EXTREME cover lifter is designed with a steel plate to utilize weight of the hot tub to secure the cover lifter in place. Built using high-grade aluminum with integral hydraulic pistons for easy lifting and provides simple do-it-yourself installation for square, rectangle, and circular shaped hot tubs. Compatible with all Beachcomber hot tub covers.

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Hot Tub Delivery

Our hot tub delivery service is a complete turn key service for your hot tub. With this service we will:

  • Place the hot tub in its final location
  • Remove and dispose of all packaging
  • Install cover and cover lifter if one was purchased with the hot tub
  • Install all gaskets and ensure a watertight connection at all internal connections

Additionally after installation, we will allow the tub to fill and return to the delivery site to cover basic operation and watercare training. During this visit we will cover:

  • Hot Tub Operation
  • General Maintenance Procedures
  • WaterCare Procedures
  • Testing of Water

*Please note that if the tub is being delivered outside of the city of Winnipeg, the training of operation and WaterCare may occur on the same visit.

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