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Beachcomber 380 Hybrid4

The Beachcomber 380 Hybrid 4 hot tub is a haven for families and friends, offering ample space and comfort for up to 7 soakers. The Barrier-Free seating arrangement ensures everyone can enjoy the warmth and therapeutic benefits of the hot tub without feeling cramped, while the cooling seat provides a refreshing pause during your soak.


Featuring the Cab Forward Engineered Pak System, the 380 Hybrid 4 showcases a patented design that prioritizes easy access for maintenance and optimal energy savings. This innovative approach, along with the hydrodynamic design, reduces the need for excessive horsepower without compromising on performance. An added benefit providing aid in energy efficient is the Eco4Wall™ 100% Cavity Filled Insulation Upgrade.

Safety and accessibility are enhanced with All-Weather Safeaxiss™ Steps, providing non-slip, multi-tier access from any angle. Meanwhile, the Hush Pump System™ operates quietly to maintain clean and heated water, ensuring your hot tub experience is always ready and inviting.

Beachcomber's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through with their Free 100-Day In-Home Trial and an exclusive Beachcomber Guarantee. Additional features like the UL Certified Heatshield™ Cover, Britewerx Trim™, and Everlite™ LED Mood Lighting enhance the ambiance and appeal of the hot tub, making every soak a luxurious experience.

Customize your hydrotherapy with Flexjet™ Customization, targeting key muscle groups for personalized massages that soothe aches and pains. The All-Motion Hydrotherapy, Body Contoured Ergonomic Design, and All-Active Seating ensure that comfort is paramount, with shared hydrotherapy sessions bringing people together. The Perma-Seal™ Foundation provides durability and protection, making the Beachcomber 380 Hybrid 4 a secure and welcoming retreat for all seasons.

Hybrid4 Options Included
Cab Forward Engineered Pak System Patented design and technology exterior of the hot tub in its cab forward construction, provides easy access for maintenance and maximum energy savings. The hydrodynamics in design reduces horsepower without sacrificing performance, optimizing the energy efficiency of the Eco4Wall™ insulation.
Eco4Wall™ 100% Cavity Filled Insulation Upgrade Our 100% Cavity Filled Foam Insulation system seals the entire hot tub cavity for unparalleled energy efficiency.
All-Weather Safeaxiss™ Steps Made with non-slip surfacing, the Safeaxiss™ Steps allow the user to access the hot tub from any angle with ease, while multiple tiers provide easy entry and exit. The steps are also insulated, and serve as a protective cover for the Energy Saver Management System.
Hush Pump System™ Beachcomber's Hush Pump System™, quietly working in conjunction with our Energy Saver Management System and Microfilter™, effortlessly heats and cleans your hot tub water keeping it fresh and clear.
Beachcomber's Free 100-Day In-Home Trial Experience your 100-Day free in-home vacation today. We are happy, only when you’re 100% happy!
Beachcomber Guarantee Peace of mind that your new hot tub will perform as promised is backed by an industry exclusive Guarantee, and not a Limited Warranty!
Ul Certified Heatshield™ Cover The Heatshield™ Cover creates a vacuum seal around the entire perimeter of the hot tub lip to prevent heat loss.
Britewerx Trim™ The shiny Britewerx trim on the jets provide that extra sparkle to reflect and cast light, elevating your hot tub soak to a relaxing and delightful experience.
Flexjet™ Customization Pick the interchangeable Flexjet™ inserts that target your desired key muscle groups for personalized therapeutic massage, and help relieve muscle aches and pains.
All-Motion Hydrotherapy Full body coverage delivering pressurized streams that pulsate, oscillate and knead, with the fusion of injected air and water to actively massage targeted areas for pain relief and relaxation.
Body Contoured Ergonomic Design Hand-sculpted, ergonomically designed seating to support the contours of your body for comfort and relaxation.
All-Active Seating All hot tub hydro-massage seats operate at the same time with the press of a single button, allowing for a shared hydrotherapy
Everlite™ Led Mood Lighting Set the mood with any color of your choice with this custom made, hyper-efficient LED light, costing just pennies a year to light your hot tub.
Perma-Seal™ Foundation The full thermoplastics foundation encapsulating the bottom of the hot tub seals out ground elements like water, moisture and air, and prevents critter penetration.
Beachcomber Enhancement Features


Premium Acrylic, ClearTech Ready

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Hot Tub Delivery

Our hot tub delivery service is a complete turn key service for your hot tub. With this service we will:

  • Place the hot tub in its final location
  • Remove and dispose of all packaging
  • Install cover and cover lifter if one was purchased with the hot tub
  • Install all gaskets and ensure a watertight connection at all internal connections

Additionally after installation, we will allow the tub to fill and return to the delivery site to cover basic operation and watercare training. During this visit we will cover:

  • Hot Tub Operation
  • General Maintenance Procedures
  • WaterCare Procedures
  • Testing of Water

*Please note that if the tub is being delivered outside of the city of Winnipeg, the training of operation and WaterCare may occur on the same visit.

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Airlift Cover Lifter

AIRLIFT™ cover lifter is engineered with aircraft grade corrosion proof metals, incorporates hydraulic assistance for easy lifting and closing, and provides flexible mounting options for all hot tubs and surroundings.

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Beachcomber Premium Extended Guarantee

In addition to the coverage provided by our Standard Protection Guarantee, the Premium Protection Guarantee offers coverage for an additional 3 years on major components. This gives you a total of 5 years of coverage against defects in materials and workmanship on major components. 


See our Premium Protection Guarantee

NOTE: This product is only available for sale through the Beachcomber eStore to those customers who have purchased a Beachcomber Hot Tub from the Beachcomber eStore within the last 30 days.

The purchaser is responsible for registering the Beachcomber Premium Protection Guarantee within 60 days of Beachcomber Hot Tub purchase. 

Register at

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Care Free Tote

Beachcomber’s Care Free Water Care program has been engineered to create an extraordinary experience every time you step into your hot tub.

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